Coworking center in Majadahonda.

Coworking Majadahonda CowUp is a shared workspace where you can work, converse and learn. The coworking is a unique space used by the self-employed of different professions and employees of companies that require a remote base. Daily or occasionally. All day or just a couple of hours. In the center of Majadahonda, next to then pedestrianized High Street and the commercial center TUTTI. All the services you could need are close by, making life easier. Come on foot, by public transport or on the bike. Even by car if you need to, because there’s always parking available nearby. In Majadahonda Coworking you are the customer and we adapt to your needs with different rates at affordable prices. Come and discover a different way of working. We are a big family which tries to help one another. See below for the different spaces available.
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Coworking Majadahonda Office

Shared Workspaces

Espacio Coworking Compartido
Una vista del espacio Coworking

There are 2 types of workspaces in the main room.

  • Fixed Workstation– 6 desks available
  • Flexible Workstation – 7 desks available

If you need more space, or prefer to use a desktop computer, the fixed workstation is your best option.

On the other hand, if you are a lover of laptops, maybe the better option is a flexible workstation.

I want to see the Coworking workspaces

Puestos Coworking Fijos E Individuales
Puesto Fijo
Puesto Flexible En El Coworking
Puesto Flexible

Independent Offices

At Coworking Majadahonda, in addition to the shared spaces, we have several independent offices for those who need more autonomy, require more space or need to have more equipment close by.

There are a total of 4 independent private offices of different sizes.

I want to see the offices

Multifunctional event rooms

In addition, the coworking has different multifunctional event rooms whenever you need them, for whatever you need them for.

From a small room where you can attend to clients or suppliers, to larger rooms where you can hold community meetings or training activities.

I want to see the spaces

A coworking near you

Workplace, coworking space, office rental, shared office, etc. call it what you like. There are versions to suit all tastes. I call it “my office”.

Whatever name you give it, I’ll tell you what coworking in Majadahonda means to me.

I have been self-employed for more than 22 years. I have worked from home, I have shared an office, I have had my own office, but in 2015 I found myself working on my own again and I decided to look for an affordable place where I could work.Mesa Flexible Coworking Majadahonda

Before looking at the Majadahonda Coworking, I looked in Villanueva de la Cañada, in the Villanueva del Pardillo City Council business center, and even in Las Rozas, but there were few suitable places and I ended up in the Majadahonda coworking almost because there was no alternative. They had just opened in 2014.

Whenever I return to Madrid, I return to CowUp to work. And not just for work, but also to share, to chat, to seek opinions, to solve doubts or just to have lunch or a coffee with a coworking colleague. The Majadahonda coworking has become my second family.

Every time I return I see familiar faces and new people to talk to, share with or consult. There is always a conversation, a good morning, a “How are you?” and above all an exchange of experiences and new ideas. And humour, a lot of humour and a lot of laughter.

I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Today is a holiday in Madrid and I have been able to come to work at the coworking, and I am not alone. The doors are always open and so are the friendships. I can have a snack and a coffee with people who make my life more pleasant.

Over the years I have met many people. Some have stayed, others for different reasons have left to not return. But I have pleasant memories of them all. Poles, Germans, British and above all Spaniards. They all gave me something. Now I try to reciprocate.

This is Coworking Majadahonda for me. A place to share. To lend a hand. To contribute opinions or resolve doubts. Something different every day.

Without all these people, with whom I have shared my working days, my life would not have been the same.

I am Alfonso.  A coworker. This is my opinion. If you decide to come, welcome!

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