Fixed Workstation

Your desk just for you, with 24/7 access.

If you need a place to work every day, with 1 or 2 monitors, and you need to have documents and books to hand, or just a photo of your mum…

Then this is the desk for you.

More space, drawer unit, locker,…

You can come and try the workstation whenever you want,
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Flexible Workstation

For true working nomads. 

  • I don’t need to come every day
  • I work with just a laptop
  • I don’t work fixed hours

With a flexible workstation, you can come in whenever you need.

Just for a few hours, or just in the mornings, evenings or only on certain days.

You share the space but have a large and comfortable area for you to spread out your things, and if you would rather leave your things here at the end of a day, you can use a locker.

Multipurpose Room

Because at some point EVERYONE needs to:

  • meet a client
  • make a video call
  • record a video
  • hold a meeting
  • simply have a moment of privacy

A multipurpose room, difficult to have at home.

With all the services and comforts: Wifi, screen, plenty of natural light and A/C.

Coworking CowUp

CowUp was formed in Majadahonda in 2014 as a coworking space by two entrepreneurs, Julián and Gema, helped by Patricia, president of the association Emprende con sentido

The idea was to offer a local entrepreneurship space, taking advantage of the Coworking concept.

Many years have passed and CowUp has established itself as the go-to coworking in Majadahonda, hosting different types of professions, such as graphic design, social entrepreneurship, business consulting, marketing, web design, translations, construction, retail and recently as a space for companies’ employees who work remotely.

Coworking by Months - Coworking by Days - Coworking by Hours

In order to help you as much as we can CowUp adapts to your working needs. We offer multiple plans ranging from a workstation rental for the whole month, for a week or a just a few hours a day or a month.

A space to work TOGETHER as INDIVIDUALS.

We are a COMMUNITY – We COLLABORATE amongst ourselves.


Coworking is not simply renting or using a workspace, a space that you may already have at home.

Coworking is a COMMUNITY where you interact and COLLABORATE daily with the rest of your colleagues who carry out their activity and with whom you create relationships beyond the work environment.

Coworking is to share a coffee, to ADVISE and to LEARN.

Coworking is about celebrating other people’s SUCCESSES and SUPPORTING in the low moments.

Coworking is a different way of working COLLABORATIVELY, of leaving home and being accompanied.

Since 2014 in Majadahonda we enjoy Coworking in CowUp.

+ Productive

Increase your productivity and efficiency.

Working in a COMMUNITY and SHARING an office IS growing your output.

Avoid the distractions of the home or the café. 

+ Accessible

Coworking with ACCESS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At the heart of Majadahonda, yet in an area where it’s easy to park.

With a personal locker in the office.

+ Developmental

Sharing problems is sharing solutions.

Sharing experiences is learning alternatives.

Sharing difficulties is overcoming obstacles.

Coworking Center since 2014

Since we opened, our aim has been to support all entrepreneurs and self-employed people in the northwest of Madrid, through Coworking as a meeting point and hive of synergies.

Although THE COMMUNITY is mainly from Majadahonda, there are also coworkers from Boadilla del Monte, Las Rozas, Villanueva del Pardillo and even Pozuelo de Alarcón.

CowUp Coworking Majadahonda was born thanks to a mentoring project promoted by the Majadahonda City Council. Technicians of the business area of the City Council offered support with the development of the idea, the business plan and the financing.


Where is the Coworking?

Venezuela Street, 8
28220 Majadahonda

Phone 91 638 46 73

How to get

From the Moncloa Interchange (15 minutes)

Bus line 651- 652
Level 1 – Island 3 – Dock 39
Get off at Majadahonda, Dr. Calero/Tutti stop

How can I help you? What do you need?

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